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In the vibrant lands of Kenya,

...where the sun kisses the rolling hills and nourishes the fertile soil, a community of coffee farmers thrives. They have poured their heart and soul into cultivating the finest coffee beans, fostering generations of expertise and love for their craft.

These farmers understand the secret of their land - the perfect balance of sunshine, rainfall and rich soil that yields coffee beans with a flavor so enchanting that it seems like nature herself has sprinkled a dash of magic on them.

The extraordinary aroma and velvety creaminess captured the attention of even the most demanding. The team faced a challenge - how to bring this beloved coffee to Estonian people?

The newfound venture was named "African Tusker Coffee" - a tribute to a coffee with powerful character and African Tuskers who we have only around 20 left in our world.

The art of our roastmaster emphasizes the beans’ natural notes, which reach our clients through a monthly subscription system. Those not ready to join the subscription, we await for an exploration around our e-shop.

We hope that each sip of our coffee takes our clients to the sun-kissed slopes of Kenya.

From the lush hills of Kenya to your coffee cup - the story of African Tusker Coffee is a testament to the pursuit of perfection in every precious bean.

By the way, all the pictures in the slideshow above are from our own authentic experience in Kenya while selecting the best coffee bean for you. Enjoy!

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